How long server failure is bearable for you?

When you backup your production server just once a day you can lose not only the data since the last backup, but the complete recovery can take days. With our high availability solution this is not going to happen to you!


Double-Take Availability

Double-Take Availability for Windows provides real-time high availability and immediate disaster recovery so you never have to worry about downtime or the lost revenue. Double-Take Availability combines continuous real-time replication and automatic failover capabilities for disaster recovery, high availability, and centralized backup on physical or virtual Windows servers. It continuously captures byte-level changes as they occur and replicates those changes to another server either locally or over any WAN link.

Continuous data replication  and server recovery with Double-Take AvailabilityNepřetržitá replikace a obnova serverů s Double-Take Availability

  • Maximum data protection, minimum data loss.
  • Continuous replication of operating system, applications and data is fast and reliable.
  • Immediate server and application recover during an outage.
  • Byte level replication enables maximum speed of recovery.
  • Flexible bandwidth scheduling.
  • Use existing hardware, software and network.
  • Suitable for any combination of physical and virtual servers.
  • Protects your servers locally or over any WAN link over IP network.
  • Efficiently replicates and implements failover clusters without shared storage or geographic limitations.
  • Protects Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, virtual machines Hyper-V™ or vSphere, and more.
  • Fast, simple configuration and pricing that fit.


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„We now have peace of mind that we can recover from even the most drastic disaster scenario in a relatively short time with minimal impact to our attorney’s and their clients. DT Availability protects the work we do and protects our clients, no matter what else is going on in the world around us.“

Dan Surowiec, Manager of Global Technology Operations, Baker & McKenzie

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