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Double-Take Availability

Double-Take Availability for Linux provides accessible, affordable data protection, and ensures minimal data loss and immediate recovery from any disaster or system outage. Double-Take Availability for Linux continuously captures byte-level changes as they happen and replicates those changes to one or more target servers at any location; in the event of a disaster, you can recover from your target servers in minutes. Double-Take Availability for Linux delivers better protection than hardware-based solutions, and it costs tens of thousands less.

Reliable full-server and data protection with Double-Take Availability for Linux

  • Provides continuous full-server protection and protects data, applications and the entire Linux system.
  • Replicates changes to critical data in real-time and failover applications to a secondary server with minimal impact to end users.
  • By replicating only the bytes that change, it uses the minimum bandwidth required to protect data.
  • Works over any distance using your existing IP networks.
  • Instead of restoring servers from tape backups, you have the option of performing recoveries using a continuously updated, disk-based copy of the entire system.
  • It doesn’t require specialized or proprietary hardware and can be configured to replicate data to a single recovery system, distribute data to multiple locations at the same time, or collect data from branch offices for centralized backup.
  • Is server, storage, network, and application independent.

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Double-Take Availability for Linux - references

„I would recommend this solution to my IT peers in other companies. Double-Take Availability offers the maximum amount of systems update, even with a disaster scenario in the equation. Purchasing DT Availability has been one of the best investments we have made in our IT infrastructure considering the value it adds to protect our infrastructure. I wish more organizations would make similar investments."

Sanil Mooken, Information Technology Manager, Encompass Lighting Group

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