How long intervals do you have between backups?

Due to lack of time we are often forced to engage in activities that are important at that moment and usually we find out the importance of backing up when it's already too late. Avoid risks and replace traditional back-up solutions with continuous replication. Your data will be always protected!


Double-Take Share

It concerns the solution for sharing and synchronizing data between various databases and on various platforms. It concerns a powerful solution for data sharing in the heterogeneous environment of various relation databases. Its use leads to permanent, consistent, fast and reliable access to critical data. It provides IT managers with a strategic choice for efficient enterprise-wide data administration. The solution is bi-directional, in real time, and replicated data of relation databases of ODBC standard used worldwide – for example, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2/400, Progress Software, Informix, Sybase.

Share and replicate data with Double-Take Share

  • Real time data replication.
  • Ensures delivery of replicated data even if the target system is unavailable.
  • Captures, transforms and replicates data between databases, allowing users to see each other’s data in real time.
  • Provides an integrated view of data from similar or dissimilar databases, operating systems, and hardware platforms.
  • Flexible data sharing architecture (1-way, 2-way, bi-directional, distributed, consolidated, and cascade)
  • Makes data sharing easy by capturing, transforming and replicating data to one or more targets
  • Uses a centralized, intuitive GUI management console for monitoring and controlling day-to-day data sharing processes.
  • Breaks through the barriers imposed by multiple databases, incompatible applications and disparate platforms.
  • National language support (NLS).
  • Easy tu configure, use and manage.


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"Double-Take Share gives us many advantages as a company, allowing us to make decisions quickly with shared, real-time data when we need to."

Xavier Majem, IT Manager, Grupo Uriach

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