Planning a migration? No late nights or weekends!

Imagine server and data migration during business hours with no user and application downtime. Migrate between different hardware platforms, or any combination of physical and virtual server environments!

High Availability

High Availability solutions capture changes to data, applications and critical system objects in real time and replicate them to alternate (backup) servers. They enable controlled, non-intrusive switching and fast, reliable failover to meet any contingency.
  • iTera Availability
  • Mimix Availability
  • Double-Take Availability

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery solutions not only protect critical information and recover lost data in a fraction of the time and effort of traditional tape backup solutions, they give you unmatched recovery flexibility and features that save you time and hassle.
  • Mimix DR
  • Double-Take DR

Systems & Data Management

Systems & Data Management solutions let you manage, move and share data with unprecedented ease and efficiency and help you maximize the efficiency of your most important IT assets and significantly reduce daily administration. 
  • Double-Take Share
  • Double-Take Move
  • Data Manager
  • MIMIX Director

Cloud Computing Conference 2014


Our booth at the Cloud Computing Conference 2014 with presentation products Double-Take from Vision.


MIMIX Availability 8.0

Dear customers,

Vision Solutions, Inc. announces the next major release of its flagship MIMIX product, MIMIX Availability 8.0.


Double-Take 7.0

DT7_1 Dear customers,

Vision Solutions has launched an improved, expanded version Double-Take 7.0.

Whether you are protecting specific files or entire applications and servers, Double-Take 7.0 has a solution to meet your needs.

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Cloud Computing Conference 2015

Náš stánek na Cloud Computing Conferenci 2015

MIMIX V8.0 Implementation Certification
  • Implementation Certification
Double-Take 7.1 and Double-Take Avalability

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